Magneticring is the solo work Joshua Stevenson

“Magneticring” Live at the Solus Festival, Vancouver. Synthi ‘A’ and ‘AKS’ with a modified Cracklebox sending CV and Signal to the synthi’s.
Performed through 2xSVT 8×10 Bass Amps in Stereo.
Recording is taken off a direct feed.

  » Live Oct 22 2008.mp3 (Debris Magnetique II)


“Magneticring” Live Nov 10th 2007
@ The South Okanagan Art Gallery, Penticton, BC
EMS Synthi, EMS Pitch-Voltage w/guitar,
sampling pedal w/ stereo delay, Wah Filter

  » Live Nov 10th 2007.mp3 (sci-fi cinema)


“Magneticring” Live Sept 23rd 2007
@ Echo Curio Gallery Los Angeles.
EMS Synthi, Modified Copycat Tape Delay,

  » Live Sept 23rd 2007.mp3 (ocean dronez)


“Magneticring” Live May 19th 2007 @ Blim.
EMS Synthi, Modified Copycat Tape Delay,
Univox Maxi-Korg.

  » Live May 19th 2007.mp3 (zombie rave)


“Magneticring” Live January 28th 2006 @ Access Gallery. EMS Synthi & Modified Cracklebox controlling CV into the Synthi.

  » Live January 28th 2006.mp3 (Debris Magnetique)


“+Outhern Acific- aka Magneticring” Live Jan 3rd 2007 @ The Fake Jazz Wednesdays Night @ The Cobalt
EMS Synthi ‘A’ & Loop Pedal

  » Live Jan 3rd 2007.mp3 (synthi war march)


“Magneticring” Live Aug 8th 2006 in Victoria, BC, Canada at the Fifty Fifty Arts Collective.
EMS Synthi ‘AKS’ & Modified CopyCat Tape Delay

  » Live Aug 8th 2006.mp3 (new age set!)


“MAGNETICRING” Live Oct 12th 2006 in Portland, Oregon at DUNES. EMS Synthi’A’, EMS Random Voltage Generator and a sampling pedal.

  » Live Oct 12th 2005.mp3 (early electronic set!)


“MAGNETICRING” Live July 23rd 2005 in Vancouver at St.George Marsh Gallery. Joshua Stevenson,
EMS Synthi ‘A’ + EMS Synthi ‘AKS’ + childrens harp. Using built-in speakers from the EMS Synthesizers

  » Live July 23rd 2005.mp3


“MAGNETICRING” Live May 7th 2005 in Vancouver. Joshua Stevenson – EMS Synthi ‘A’ and Random Voltage Generator & Jeff Allport – Trumpet, Cracklebox and 1/4″ Tape Loops. Opening for Wolf Eyes

  » Live May 7th 2005.mp3


– Recorded Live Nov 20th 2004. Using a old Acoustic Guitar, Sampling Pedal, EMS Synthi’A’ & a Cracklebox at the Butchershop Gallery in Vancouver, Canada opening for the Charalambides

  » Live Nov 20th 2004.mp3


– Untitled Khaen piece for Panic/Sleep festival Sept 2004 Vancouver,BC, Canada originally intended for
4-channel playback. A solo Khaen improvisation was recorded then played back through 4 speakers with each channel being offset from the last by 5 seconds. The Khaen is a free reed instrument from Southeast Asia.

  » Khaen Piece for ‘Panic/Sleep’ festival 2004.mp3


“-Outhern Acific+” Live June 24th 2002 from a show at the Sugar Refinery Vancouver Opening for Six Organs of Admittance using a Arp Axxe Synth, Acoustic Guitar and loop cassette in a ghetto blaster doing live recording and loop playback.

  » Argyll Live June 24th 2002.mp3