VA – ¡music for the psych-eye!

cat# XØØ1 – Compilation CD – Released in Fall 2000

Our debut manufactured CD release
Mastered in Seattle, NA by Scott Colburn at GravelVoice Studio’s.
Cover art by Vancouver artist Scott Evans.
Limited pressing of 550 CD’s.

Artist listing:

1. Ashtray Navigations (England)
– Silthreeze and Menlo Park sound artist

2. Eyelickers (Canada)
– Psychedelic folks newcomers with debut recording

3. Metabolismus (Germany)
– modern German collective legends kick it out

4. Las Dirty Arcades (USA)
– Electron no-wave San Diego group debut recording

5. – Outhern Acific + (Canada)
– member of Staked Plain works the ambient gamelan

6. Bushwick Trio (USA)
– Brooklyn Artist Fritz Welch and friends play free Doom

7. Brian Ruryk (Canada)
– Pioneer Canadian experimental guitar composer

8. Glands Of External Secretion (USA)
– perform illusive Barbara Manning Cover/Song, mesmerizing!

9. This Was Your House Until We Moved In (USA)
– Members of Rhythm Of Black Lines and I Told Her Everything

10. Terminal Waste Band (USA)
– former members of Blackjack band Monoshock, garden rock

11. TonalMotl (USA)
– eerie movements from Austin, TX based sound sorcerers

12. Kopfende (Germany)
– Debut recording from this German Troupe, a la Faust.

13. Staked Plain (Canada)
New one from these prairie Canadian cryptic folklorists

Review via Exclaim! Roman Sokal, Published Feb 01, 2001

This limited edition gem of a collection, compiled by some caring folks in Western Canada known as the Cast Exotic Archives, contains enough no-wave weirdness and eclecticism from around the globe to keep one pleasurably scratching their brain for hours on end. A palette of cerebral sounds span the disc, with key contributions by the likes of an early Residents-like troupe from Germany called Metabolisms, New York’s Bushwick Trio, who are fine-tuned in creating cultured chaos, Vancouver-based Brian Ruryk’s whale-like guitar noodlings and good ‘ol psychedelic country folk, courtesy of the Terminal Waste Band. A fine start to a hopeful promising series of radio friendly/unfriendly bliss.