» Dec 1, 2023
New solo release by Joshua Stevenson, "Tropic of You"
Live improvisations on a Yamaha TG33 Tone Generator with custom made patches.
Recorded straight to 2-track with minimal post-processing.


» Magneticring plays Edmonton Alberta, May 4th 2018


Cast Exotic Archives Presents:
Dieter "Moebius"
(German Electronic Music Pioneer, founding member of Cluster / Harmonia)

with opener,
Magneticring (Vancouver)

Dj Daniel Presnell

Thursday Aug 22nd 2013


» VON BINGEN performs with German Legends FAUST Oct 17th 2012 at the Waldorf Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada


» Just posted a new Otic Radio Dj mix#14 (70s Space Private Press Oddities) Here.


» The Von Bingen Debut Lp is out NOW on Amen Absen Records.
The record is available from mimaroglu music sales, Fusetron, Eclipse Records, and Volcanic Tongue.

Von Bingen - Self Titled Lp
Amen Absen - Sept 2009

We would like you to consider owning Von Bingen's self titled first lp either for your own personal betterment, or for the betterment of your patrons. To aid you in this endeavor, we submit the following summary of biographies, impressions, and predictions.

Von Bingen began life when husband and wife duo Jenni Pace and Daniel Presnell (Astral Blessing) temporarily suspended Hildegard (their east coast group of clangorous misfits), and relocated to Vancouver, BC where they soon met Josh Stevenson (aka Magneticring, and one-time JOMF member), and Richard Smith.

Influenced by histories of conceptual art practices and electronic and outsider music native to the west coast, Von Bingen's sound is at once reminiscent of distant sonics, such as those found in the labs of 60's SF pioneers, or overheard in Berlin's Zodiac Club in the early 70's, while also anticipating the drone of future decades. Folk forms gleefully mutate, reborn as new hybrids, dignified by analog modular and semi-modular synthesizer systems from Serge, Buchla, and EMS. Instruments such as the flute, clarinet, guitar, and the drum are defamiliarized through quixotic treatments, originating from experimentations in the band's studio. By rescuing tones, processes and technology from dusty desuetude, Von Bingen happens upon a unique retrofit for advanced audiences that is sure to confound, if not altogether please.

Within the grooves of this lp, you will not find full-fledged allegiance to current fashions, nor will you find some light loop of cheap sensations, hollow-core historical reenactments, or facsimile sentiments. In fact, we are not sure what you will find at all, and that is the beauty of nature, a potentially infinite system of chances, where the opportunity to un-learn is as important as the opportunity to learn; where memories possess the power to eclipse experience; where all history becomes synesthesia. Join Von Bingen in this new Eden, and by all means, have an apple.

F.O.L. Ministries, September 2009

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