Staked Plain

Formed in Northern Alberta in 1993.
Originally known as Pinokio and Lonely Orphan.

The band played various shows in the Vancouver and Northwest area throughout the 90’s. They’ve shared the stage with groups such as the Sun City Girls, Harry Pussy, Noggin, Irving Claw Trio, Jackie-o Motherfucker. Texas label Bobby J records releases a Lp of material they had recorded from 1993 to 1996. Some of which was on the original Pinokio cassette. Their first show was in Vancouver in 1994 but they started recording in Edmonton, Alberta in 1993.

Shayne Ehman
Zoltan Tougas
Joshua Stevenson

  » ‘Tits’ – from the Graphite Hand cassette 1994.mp3
  » ‘She Just Doesn’t Care’ – recorded 1995 – Released 1999 on the Dominic Radio Compilation CD.mp3
  » ‘Mountaintop Pioneers’ – unreleased recording – summer 1994.mp3
  » ‘Alberta’ – unreleased recording – Spring 1995.mp3
  » ‘Ola’ – Recorded Spring 1995 – Released Fall 2006 on the “This is Vancouver” Compilation CD.mp3
  » Staked Plain side band “THE DISPATCHERS” – unreleased recording – 1995.mp3